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One of the core qualities of a professional software developer is to constantly strive for self improvement.  That can mean many things, from being active in local user groups, to reading technical books, to learning a new programming language every year, to starting your own blog.  I've been blessed with a few mentors that I can look to as professional role models.  These are people who take their craft very seriously, and the industry benefits from their experience.  For them, it is always about radically stretching themselves to find new and better ways to build systems and develop software, always on the leading edge.  And for them, it also means giving back to the generous community that helped support them in becoming the professionals they are today.  Well, now its my turn to take a crack at it.  I hope to use this blog both as a tool for myself to explore different aspects of being on the bleeding edge of technology, and as a guidepost to others who may still be early on in their careers, to help them learn from my mistakes, and encourage them to become guides to others.


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