Nokia 1020

So I've been really excited to get my new Nokia Lumia 1020... for all you shutter bugs out there, it has a lot of great features.  But beware, the Nokia apps still have a lot of bugs, and Nokia doesn't seem to have great community support for feedback.

To date:
Creative studios will always crash on some pictures when I mix color pop with radial tilt blurring.

Cinemagraph is the coolest app, but it isn't the most intuitive feature.  Unfortunately, it lost some great pictures for no apparent reason.  I'm really bummed about that more than anything.  Also, uploads to skydrive don't come as animated gifs, they are converted to still frame jpegs.

Sometimes, the Nokia software seems to cause the phone to hang.

When photos are "Saved" in the Nokia apps, a copy isn't saved to the camera roll, and the saved pictures directory doesn't have an obvious way to navigate to it.  It often becomes easier to pull them off the skydrive afterwards.


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